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I have a great friend who loves doing research…actually come to think of it most of my friends including myself enjoy doing research.  Anyway, this research is on the topic of game masters (or Dungeon Masters).  Rather than me tell you what the research is about, I’ll just quote from Shedrick’s site.

Who Are Game Masters?

This is the question that I want to answer. We have all seen and heard the stereotypes of who game masters (or Dungeon Masters) are: nerdy, overweight, socially-inept nebbishes with far too much esoteric knowledge on their hands. But I want to know who they are. How they got into the hobby. What do they get out of it? Why do they keep getting behind the screens? How does affect their work-a-day life–if it does at all?

These are the questions that the Master of the Game project seeks to answer.

I plan on interviewing game masters from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels and posting those on this blog. I also intend to produce a survey that can help gather statistical data on game masters in order to spot trends and to further help illuminate and outline the varied lives we lead. Occasionally I’ll post anecdotes from my own experiences and also tips-and-tricks I’ve picked up along the way. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even be able to have guests that can share their tips with us as well.

Eventually I hope to compile my data and your stories into a book. A book that can serve as the definitive illustration who we really are. As game masters–and as people.

But I won’t be able to do this without your help and your cooperation. So please–comment, contact me with suggestions, participate in calls for interviews. This is OUR greatest adventure, not just mine.

So…guess what?  Having been a GM in the past, having known Shedrick, I figured I would throw in my dice for an interview.  Suit up and check out the one-on-one interview…oh and if you were a GM or currently are, contact Shedrick!


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      No problem! I enjoyed this very much and hope that the research goes well.

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