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A good friend of mine recently wrote an interesting article about the hiring process of Neil Strauss.  As a person that has been a hiring manager for over a decade, I applaud Neil’s approach.  One test I do as a hiring technical employees (think application developers, database administrators, etc.) would be to play the game 20 questions during the interview process.  It provided a quick insight to their thinking process; did they immediately start guessing at what the object was (I always chose something in the office we were sitting in) or did they start broad, like a funnel and work their way to a solution which is much more strategic.  Needless to say, many people did not get hired because they were just grasping at straws, which is not want I wanted for a technical person.

This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.

Now…the point of Brad’s article that really hit home was his reference about your “to do” list versus your “GET to do” list.  This hit home big time with me!

I do live the good life.  I travel all the time to great places.  I have the best friends in the world.  Love, adventure, new experiences and living life beyond the rim is abundant in my life.  Of course, it wasn’t always like this.  It took me looking into the abyss and really looking at who I was and what I wanted and needed to be happy.

I have had to turn down trips to Nepal, North Korea, Latvia, Vietnam, Superbowl with 20+ Maxim Girls, Playboy Mansion and this is just within the last few months and is just a sampling!  I have also turned down some good job offers, obviously not awesome though and have taken on many new projects which if I could tell you about you would be floored.

The people who I connect with and surround myself with were completely out of my reach a year ago and now, they are a part of my regular life.  World domination was so far out of my reach at one time, now it seems like it’s just around the corner it’s just something that I’m not sure I want anymore.

Anyway…what’s on your “to do” list and how is it stopping you from really enjoying life and having an awesome “GET to do” list?


  1. Inspiring. I will keep two separate lists side by side from now on.

  2. As someone looking for work it made me a little blue.
    Read statistics that in my area there are 6 candidates for every one job.
    Had to submit to questions like “Do you think you work harder than your peers? Agree or Disagree” Who are my peers? Ditchdiggers? Physicists? Politicians? Mothers? Dishwashers? the Unemployed?
    Another job required lifting 70lbs. I think they meant: men only… but I verified for myself that it was doable, even though I know they don’t want to see me do so.

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